Today Is A Great Day To Stack – Gold/Silver/Red

Today Is A Great Day To Stack – Gold/Silver/Red

WOW! Now that’s an impressive beating. Not just gold, but gold is taking the brunt of the whipping, silver is moving downward as well. Fortunately, I have the cure for such a thing a like this – dry powder! We shall reach into our bag of tricks, pull out some scripts-of-debt and convert them into hard assets, real wealth, real money! It’s like pulling a gold, instead of a rabbit, out of a hat!

I hope you hit the bottom or somewhere close as a $25 discount on gold always gets my attention. Let’s see if the good guys can pull back up from the depths. My guess is there are a number of big money people doing exactly what we are doing and waiting for the moment to hit the market and make a trade. Why wouldn’t you have a buy just before $1,550 mark? We see lots of up-and-down between $1,553 and $1,551 which means there are tons of people sitting there waiting to buy. Will the machines win and push gold below the $1,550 mark for the close? We will know come 1:30pm EST.

For now, it may be a good day to consider options – silver, gold and sit this one out and wait for the next. If you do sit it out, maybe consider adding more powder for the next round! The 2020 quarter ounce AGE is looking fine all year long for us. The goal is stack, then stack more and after that stack even more!!

The charts below, courtesy of KitCo, are live and will continue changing.

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