James Anderson: Any Major Bank Could Go Under Over A Weekend

James Anderson: Any Major Bank Could Go Under Over A Weekend by Rory for The Daily Coin

“Gold and silver are some of the only things you can have, in terms of assets, that are completely outside the financial system if you so choose. You can have it in your hand, or elsewhere, in non-banking facilities. It’s one of the last places where you can go and actually have full, almost 100% privacy.”  ~James Anderson, The Daily Coin

It’s been a number of years since speaking with the folks at SDBullion and that all changed today. I sat down with James Anderson, Content Manager for SDBullion.com. to discuss a number of topics including gold, silver, money and the Federal Reserve.

After following James’ work for the past several years, all the way back to when he was with Mike Maloney at GoldSilver.com. I have held him and his work in high regard and having been on a recent roundtable with him, along several others I was reminded of just how important his voice is to the gold and silver community.

I reached out to Mr. Anderson (not Mr. Anderson from The Matrix) and ask if he would be willing to discuss his use of language. James uses words that are vital to educating people properly. He rarely, if ever, calls Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollars – “dollars” or “money”. He understands that Federal Reserve Notes are neither. These instruments of debt are owned by a private corporation that sells their product – Federal Reserve Notes – to the U.S. Treasury at interest. This has been the scam since December 23, 1913 when the Federal Reserve System was born.

When a person understands the words they are using that person has a much greater chance of escaping a bad situation. If they don’t escape they at least have enough presence of mind to make appropriate adjustments to put themselves in a better position. The first step is knowing what you are talking about and the only way to do that is to know and use the language properly. The satanic globalist / marxist at the Federal Reserve have convinced several generations they are using “dollars” and “money” when they have been, in fact, creating wealth for others and selling a little piece of their soul with each transaction using Federal Reserve Notes which is nothing more than a form of usury.

This, of course, drives the conversation into the economy and how the Federal Reserve has been strip mining the populace since the Fed hijacked our society. While it may sound like we are taking a deep-dive into areas unfamiliar we are actually discussing the very foundation of the tools that create society, items we use everyday and never discuss.

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