UN Helped Socialist Regime Disarm Civilians in Venezuela

UN Helped Socialist Regime Disarm Civilians in Venezuela By Alex Newman for The New American

As the people of Venezuela suffer helplessly under a brutal socialist dictatorship that slaughters and tortures dissidents, it is important to remember that it was the United Nations that helped dictator Hugo Chavez disarm law-abiding civilians. This happened back in 2012, but virtually none of the establishment media reported it.

However, The New American magazine did report on it here in an article by Alex Newman that is republished below. Remember, the UN claims gun-ownership is a “human rights” violation. They have repeatedly demanded gun control–in America. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from the UN-enabled tragedy unfolding in Venezuela today.

“With UN Support, Socialist Chavez Disarms Civilians in Venezuela”

After presiding over an unprecedented surge in violence and murder in Venezuela, the regime of socialist strongman Hugo Chávez — with the full support and assistance of the United Nations — decided to wage all-out war on private firearm ownership. A series of new restrictions on the rights of civilians are supposedly part of an effort to fight crime and preserve “peace” as the nation’s ongoing economic implosion accelerates.

Critics and gun-rights advocates, however, blasted the controversial decision to disarm law-abiding citizens, warning that criminals could now run even wilder without any fear of consequences. More pessimistic analysts also warned that the already out-of-control socialist regime might seek to solidify its iron-fisted rule after rendering the public completely defenseless.

“We’re the guarantee of peace,” Chávez claimed, warning that his opponents might seek to foment violence ahead of the next election. According to the non-profit Venezuelan Violence Observatory (VVO), there were 4,500 homicides in 1999 when the socialist ruler seized power and instituted gun control. Last year, the figure was close to 20,000 — a new record for the nation. Few are ever solved.

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