This Is One Helluva Masquerade Party

This Is One Helluva Masquerade Party

While the costumes are not very original and all the costumes kinda look a like, I guess it’s just what you do when you’re throwing a global masquerade party.

Let’s see….”Frankie, this is what we’re gonna do. See, we’re gonna, we’re gonna build two hospitals in a just a few days that will handle about 1,000 – 2,000 patients because we hosting a masquerade party. We’re gonna, we’re gonna tell people that everything’s okay, we got it under control and the reason we’re building these hospitals in lightening speed is of no consequence. Yeah, I know those videos of people falling over dead on the sidewalk – it’s, it’s, it’s, you see, part of the masquerade. Those 50+ MILLION people in quarantine is part of the masquerade.

Hospitals around the world are usually built in, say, you know, like 2-3 months maybe, maybe 4 months tops, but we, we gonna do it in 2 weeks. Wait, Frankie, did I say 2 weeks? No, we gonna do it in 1 week! That’s right, 1 week, Frankie – two hospitals, 1 week.

Those communities blocking the streets with boulders, giant piles of dirt and sand – all part of the show. Don’t worry, Frankie, the masquerade is gonna have people laughing like crazy when we’es tell ’em it’s nothing to worry about – all a big global show. You know, for kicks and grins.”

Then you have all these people attempting to leave Shenzhen. Why do they want to leave so badly? Aren’t they enjoying the masquerade party? Come on, people where’s your sense of humor?!?!? It’s just a party!! I see you have your costume in place.

And then there’s this – you know thousands upon thousands of people standing on balconies chanting into the night sky encouraging the people to make something happen. But what could possibly need “oil” or encouragement?!?! Didn’t they get the memo – giant masquerade party unfolding. Nothing at all to worry about – just a cold, minor cold at that. Really more like an annoying gnat buzzing around your face. Just swat it a couple of times and it will go away.

Let’s listen in on Chris Martenson’s latest update regarding the masquerade party. Since he has a Ph.D in Pathology with studies in microbiology from Duke University so, he may have an idea as to what is going on.

but, but, but…we don’t need no studies in pathology we have people who focus on economics, gold and geopolitics who know what’s going on. We’ll listen to them and you can keep your Ph.D in Pathology. Come on, Frankie, let’s get back to the party!!

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