Coronavirus Making Markets Nervous As We Begin a New Week

Coronavirus Making Markets Nervous As We Begin a New Week by Rory for The Daily Coin

Horrific news all weekend along has been fuel to send markets lower and put a bid under gold and silver sending the metals higher right out of the gate. We feel confident crude and equities will continue to suffer, however, we don’t see bonds and precious metals being allowed to continue on their paths. These moves in the opening of the markets will be reversed quiet quickly by the button pushers and lever-pullers at the COMEX and Fed.

Here are static charts of both gold and silver, courtesy of KitCo, showing the Sunday opening. As you can see the reversal is already underway as the market riggers were well prepped for this action and have their buttons all polished and the levers in hand.


The charts below, courtesy of FinViz, show the opening on Sunday. These items are responding as they should, but, as I said I’m looking for the criminals to step in and reverse it all. We can see, above, there has not been a second wasted for these criminals to stop the metals from climbing higher. It is only a matter of profits, I mean time, before the reversal of the equities and the 10year Note to reverse. Brent may not reverse, it could but as oil goes down it hurts the people the Western criminals like to punish – Russia, Iran and Venezuela. Any stab that can be made at these nations it taken. With crude below $60 this could generate a fall based on technicals thereby covering the tracks of the button-pushers and lever-pullers.

Then again all of this could be 100% wrong as the “market makers” at the Fed, bullion banks and COMEX love to do what they want to do, when they want to do it and push the buttons and pull the levers at their own discretion, foregoing, all logic, fundamentals and market forces.

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