A Forward Perception & Approach

A Forward Perception & Approach By Current Affairs Correspondent West Asia for Belt and Road

The extensive development in the Arab-Chinese relations has been working fruitfully forward since the establishment of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in 2004.

China and many Arab states developed a relationship on broad spectra, not only economic but also trade and cultural aspects.

The BRI  (Belt & Road Initiative) announced by Chinese president Xi Jinping established an opportunity to consolidate Arab-Chinese relations and a common base to the cooperation, especially regarding the economic development in both parties’ interests and concerns.

Arab and Chinese intellectuals are discussing and exchanging their perceptions regarding these relations. They are looking forward to more profound, broader and more powerful dynamics. The aspiration of both parties is far beyond an interdependent economic relationship.

The motives and the mutual interests of both parties are enough to create the proper dynamics in economic, humanitarian, cultural and political relations. Most on the table are the crystallisation of a Free Trade Zone, oil and gas projects and the BRI fruits.

The factors stand behind such determination by both parties to support consolidating these relations are still valid in spite of some differences in political and cultural approaches.

The most factors that impact the development of Arab-Chinese relations include Economic, political social and cultural factors; China policies towards the Arab and Islamic world at large; the position towards main issues such as Palestine, Islamophobia, terror problem and approach including the western stereotyping of terror as “Islamic”.

They also include the Arab evaluation of their fruits from the BRI success.

Many conferences have been convened by Chinese parties, including the significant research institutes in Beijing and Shanghai since 2016 up to 2019 focused on consolidation of these relations within an international spectrum with the participation of some Arab scholars and officials, including some from the Middle East Studies Centre’s scholars in Jordan.

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