Putin *Gives Up* Power and All MSM Sees Is “Power Grab”

Putin *Gives Up* Power and All MSM Sees Is “Power Grab” by Ben Aris via Anti-Empire

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Actually he has now started the project of building the institutions that will outlast him and managing his departure

Is Russian President Vladimir Putin a megalomaniac? The reaction of the commentatori to the huge changes in Russia’s political DNA suggested by the president was kneejerk and entirely predictable.

The Express went with “Putin’s naked power grab.”

Just how much power he will retain and how of course is a key question. Whatever just happened, a transformation of Russia from a presidential republic to a parliamentary democracy was not one of them. Still, Putin’s decision to give up some of his power is unprecedented, but the western narrative is so invested in its demonisation of Putin it has become a crude reduction portraying everything in terms of Putin’s person.

In “Putin’s Russia” the Russia part is missing. Everything Putin does is exclusively for Putin’s personal benefit and there can be no other explanation. The possibility that Putin is genuinely concerned about Russia and acting in the interests of the Russian people as he tries to rebuild the country after its total collapse in 1991 is simply discarded.

In Putin’s Russia, Putin is a megalomaniac whose every action is designed to increase his power and earn him more wealth.

This description actually fits all the leaders of the CIS well.

However, unlike the accession countries of Central Europe that embraced EU-style liberalism, Putin has gone in the opposition direction.
He explained his plan right back at the start of his first term in office in a little noticed speech. He said that Mikhail Gorbachev’s mistake in perestroika was to do the political reforms first and leave the economics for later. The situation quickly ran out of control and rapidly led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Putin has reversed this thinking: do the economic reforms first and the politics later.

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