All I ask is that you watch this 12 minute video showing the abilities of the Nikon P-1000 to zoom in (and record) across enormous distances. Is the technology available to the average person now showing flaws in the Globe Earth Model? The video explains the problem created by the P-1000.

The issue is rather simple – does the Nikon P-1000 allow a person to see far beyond the purported curvature of the earth based on the standard curvature formula for the Globe Earth? The standard curvature formula is:

FLAT EARTH. Any Curvature? No. (Mathematics formula for ...

You can find many earth curvature calculators online. One is here, which accounts for the height of the observer as well as the distance to the object. This is the calculator used in the video.

No mockery is needed, just show me where the mistakes in the video are. This is math based, the coordinates are given for the distances.

Seriously. Just explain to me how (starting at 5:53), at an observation height of 105 feet, the camera can show the entirely of the Anacapa Lighthouse across a distance of 33.64 miles away (at 7:03).

The wikipedia page here shows that the lighthouse has a 277 foot focal point (which I think means that the light is 277 feet above the water). You can double check this.

Anacapa Island Boat Tour - Channel Islands National Park

Use any earth curvature calculator that allows you to account for your observation height. According to the calculator, 296.67 feet should be hidden behind the curvature of the earth, yet the camera shows the entire lighthouse and Anacapa Island on which it sits from 33.64 miles away. The distance to the horizon (according to the calculator) should be 12.55 miles away – so why isn’t the lighthouse hidden?

It should be impossible to see any of the lighthouse or the island due to the curvature of the earth. Just show me where the calculations are wrong, or perhaps the assumptions are wrong, or is this a “refraction” issue?

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