“The Middle Class of Old Has Evaporated.”

“The Middle Class of Old Has Evaporated.” by Rory for The Daily Coin

In 2019 we spent a lot of time documenting the essence of collapse. We looked at how our society is crumbling. During the year we took a lot of our cues from Tucker Carlson but looked at a variety of issues through the lens of our own making. Mr Carlson did an amazing job of providing a snap shot of what is happening to the U.S. The Tucker Carlson Tonight show may be the only nationally televised show that has bothered to take a realistic look out the window to see what is happening on the streets.

The opening monologue, in the video below, should get your attention and should be remembered the remainder of your life. Democrats live in a fantasy world where you don’t matter, your children don’t matter and their power is all that matters. Listen with both ears and hear for yourself. Look at the images of degradation, filth and absolute societal rot. Mike Bloomberg thinks this is awesome.

This is another in a series showing the downfall of the U.S. Tucker Carlson’s entire show is dedicated to a variety of aspects of our crumbling socio-economic landscape. Of course, it wouldn’t be a TCT show without reminding everyone of the destruction happening across California. The opening shows a different view, the view of Mike Bloomberg who is running for President on the democrat ticket. Of course he is running on the democrat ticket. Pay attention to what Bloomberg says and keep in mind he wants to share this with you and your community.

Ethan Huff, a woke-leftist Californian, believes California is doing great and has the stats to support his argument. While I actually agree with some of what he says, especially when it comes to California’s economy – which is doing well and is, in fact, one of the largest economies in the world, however, where Mr. Huff fails is on the human being side. He fails to see that border jumpers are not being filmed on the streets, because they all have homes while all the natural born citizens are the people being filmed living in the streets. Ethan Huff fails miserably on the issues of people, the issues of compassion. Unfortunately, the blinders he wears are thick, but if you listen you will hear how little compassion he has for yourself.

Dr. Drew then blows onto the set and, as another native Californian and a medical professional, he sees what’s happening in the streets of Los Angeles, San Fransisco and across California in a completely different light. Try as he might to contain his frustration and anger by the end of the segment his strength wears thin and he is so out of balance that he apologizes – he is attempting to speak directly into the camera to speak directly to you and me, but the producers will have none of this. Dr Drew is one of very few people that is speaking directly to the actual problem surrounding homelessness in America – mental illness.

Mental illness is rarely or never discussed and it should be on the front end of the conversation. As a volunteer at the local mission I can assure you mental illness is the number one problem. If you take mental illness and saturate it in addiction you have a very serious issue. This is what is happening across the country. This is who the people are you see on the streets. They are mentally ill and have found a way to deal with the isolation, loneliness and pain of loss. Unless we, that’s you and I, address the actual problem it is only going to get far worse. As Dr Drew explains, if we can get people on the front end we can slow or stop a lot of the mental issues and bring a lot of the people back from the edge. Where is the compassion, where is the love, where is the help these people need?

According to Tucker Carlson in the video below California has been a democrat state for the last the 3 governors (12+ years) and San Fransisco has been 100% democrat for 56 years and Los Angeles has been democrat for 40+ years.

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