EXPOSED: Oligarchs are taking over the US (Video)

EXPOSED: Oligarchs are taking over the US Video by Inessa S1

This is a very different kind of ‘Russian meddling’!

Mr. Khodorkovsky heads the Open Russia foundation – which, every Russian election cycle is aggregated toward spreading anti-government sentiment. President Putin is, of course, a long-time nemesis of Mr. Khodorkovsky; having jailed him for embezzlement and fraud at Yukos. It is not known exactly why Khodorkovsky was pardoned in 2013 – but he has since resided in London, from where he continues his ‘political activity’. Today – he is buying up US real estate. What I found interesting in this expose, is the freedom with which known crooks are free to do business – so long as they remain figures ‘against the regime’ in Russia.

TDC Note – I guess the latest tool of censorship by youtube is to erase the thumbnail and make the video appear as if it doesn’t work. WOW! These criminal bottom-feeders will stop at nothing to keep you from facts.

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