Special Report: Antibiotic Resistant Diseases in Venezuela

Special Report: Antibiotic Resistant Diseases in Venezuela By J.G. Martinez D. for The Organic Prepper

If you did a survey, asking a bunch of more or less informed people about which they think is one of the most important scientific advances of the 20th century, it´s very likely that antibiotic drugs is going to be one of the most popular answers. These new discoveries saved so many lives that it´s hard to have a clear picture.

As someone focused to technical and engineering approaches, my concern is not what to do with the new diseases. It´s evolutionary. It´s inevitable the appearance of such organisms. It´s just the way Mother Nature decided so life can keep going. But we have forgotten that, although we humans are (supposedly) the “most” evolved organisms, we are still part of the ecosystem, meaning with this that we´re just food or shelter for something else.

I´m sure many people are out there with tons of medical/scientific knowledge about this, much more than I know. This article is just intended to inform about the current state of the diffusion of such disease, and some useful tips in case an outbreak of some variant can cut loose. This could generate a real problem in other countries with a high population density. Not exactly a concern in Venezuela these times, but…you know what I mean. As a matter of fact, one of the attractive features of my homeland is a relatively low population density and a wide variety of microclimates. I won´t mention the negative aspects though, as they´re unrelated to the land itself.

I have some close acquaintances in the medical field in Venezuela. However, upon consulting them about this, I noticed a certain reticence. It´s quite logical though. They don´t know (yet) I am documenting weekly and publishing for our community and the rest of the world.

But when I read reports like this where people die because of diseases that were eradicated over 60 years ago it´s something to think about. I know, paludism is not combated with antibiotics, but still…

We all have read about the effects this resistance can generate in the future. And what I mean as “future” is the next 15 years. The lifespan of bacteria and yeasts are so short, that their mutation capability is huge, and this is a big problem for us, water and mineral walking bags that may become their potential habitat.

This is being treated with big secrecy. Chances are, it´s not only in Venezuela this is being covered up. There are tons of reasons why a serious government would cover those suspicious deaths.

Antibiotic-resistant diseases are on the uptick in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, there were reports of an increasing number of cases where Shigella strain treated with ciprofloxacin was ineffective. This was not directly related to the collapse, though. Honduras, Chile and Republica Dominicana had the same problem according to this report.

This is bad: that bacteria produces dysentery. Thank God there are some natural treatments that, although they can be slower than conventional medicines, can be as effective. Most of the cases, heal by themselves in a few days, once the body starts to react and using its own defenses. But in children under 5, it´s very dangerous. Kiddo had it a couple of times…and pediatricians were very specific on prescribing antibiotics: they can complicate themselves quite fast. I can´t be more thankful to God because the collapse hadn´t been started by then.

Statistics are reliable as long as the input is correct. Otherwise, it´s garbage.

It´s highly worrisome that one of the authorities (I mean the real ones) in the country, like MD. Jaime Torres, Chief of Tropical Medicine Institute from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (where I studied engineering and one of the best of South America) since 2013 several newborns have died because of the Candida Auris, one of the deadliest varieties of the antibiotic-resistant yeast strains. Even though, Dr. Torres believes it´s unlikely an epidemics of this disease in our territory, infections in already ill patients is something to be expected from now on.

This is just a small sample of resistant bacteria. I don´t think there is a way to measure how many others are out there, rather than using statistics or simulations based in the data the scientists already have got.

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