Boy George Destroys Attention-Seeking SJW Twitter Mob (Video)

Boy George Destroys Attention-Seeking SJW Twitter Mob Video by Conservative Resurgence

Boy George has hit back at ‘ridiculous’ claims that he’s ‘transphobic’ after saying that gender pronouns are a ‘modern form of attention seeking’.

The singer, 58, from London, who became synonymous with his androgynous style of dressing at the height of his fame, sparked fury after taking to Twitter on Monday and telling his followers to ‘leave your pronouns at the door’.

Fans insisted they were ‘heartbroken’ by the comment and felt ‘genuinely disappointed’ that an LGBTQ icon would post such a comment, with one asking: ‘What does it take to show others respect by using their preferred pronouns?’

Boy George hit back, saying: ‘Thanks for that but I have eyes and can mostly describe what I see.’

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The Culture Club front-man later posted a video showing him laughing at this critics while joking that he was ‘really phobic’ because he used a filter that made it appear he was wearing make up.
In 2016, George insisted that despite pushing the boundaries in fashion – his androgynous look was ever a sign he wanted to transition or question is orientation and insisted he was simply an ‘old fashioned gay man’.

He previously said on The Project: ‘I wouldn’t describe myself as gender fluid. I’m quite rigid about what I like.

‘Gender fluid suggests there’s the possibility of change and there really isn’t. I’m an old-fashioned gay man’

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