Dave Collum: If Fed Wants Inflation, Let Gold Price Run! (Video)

Dave Collum: If Fed Wants Inflation, Let Gold Price Run! Video by Silver Doctors

Iran, the “booming economy”, the Fed, Kabuki Theater, gold, silver, education, the 2020 election, 2020 predictions, the coming reset, food price inflation, the trade war, and identity politics? Oh yeah, we talked about all of that, and a whole lot more!

Some of the topics in today’s discussion include:

-What in the world is going on with the US-Iran Crisis?

-Is the Fed a terrorist organization, what are we to make of the Fed?

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-Do we have a booming economy in the United States?

-Are we going to have to put up with identity politics all year?

-Is America being dumbed-down, and has there been a change in the quality of the average US college student?

-Talk about manipulation in the markets, and in the gold market, and what is the outlook for gold in 2020?

-Will there be a currency reset?

-Will there be food price inflation in 2020?

-What’s going on with the Trade War?

-Thoughts on silver?

-What is on the radar right now, and over the next few months in early 2020?

-Does it all fall apart this year?

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