Prepping NOW, Even On A Budget, Could Save Your Life – It is ‘Never Too Late Until It Is’

Prepping NOW, Even On A Budget, Could Save Your Life – It is ‘Never Too Late Until It Is’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

In the comment section of my most recent piece about how food was going to become a huge issue in 2020, we saw the suggestion from a reader that perhaps we could follow up with a “simple break down on survival needs that can be done on a budget,” with the reader, Michael Day, stating “Never too late until it is.”

In that piece we had a number of suggestions for prepping and survival with long term storage freeze dried emergency survival foods to supplement what readers already have stored, everything from meats and vegetables to powdered butter and eggs, but for those that are just beginning their preparations and are working with a minimal budget, those foods can get expensive fast.

Below we are going to go over some ideas for quick and easy preparations that do not cost a fortune, from grocery, discount or dollar stores, as well as great deals for bulk purchases from Amazon, delivered to your door.

Start by setting you and your family up for one solid week, then add enough to last a month. Starting slow helps maintain the budget while building a stockpile that can grow as you go.

First and foremost though, an article is generally not big enough to cover everything, so a book that comes highly recommended because it does cover just about everything,  is the 6th edition of Holly Deyo’s “Dare to Prepare,” which has been updated with current information.



Dollar stores vary in what they carry, some offering a much larger selection than others, but most do carry the basics.

Medical supplies are great deals, from bandaids to tape. They usually stock pain relievers and fever reducers such as aspirin, Tylenol or Advil, and antibiotic ointments, anti-acids, anti-bacterial wipes, along with a number of other items to fill up your first aid kit.

Flashlights and candles for lighting, garbage bags for a number of uses, like covering your windows so neighbors and/or thieves do not see your house all lit up, or even lining an emergency bucket toilet. So stock up on garbage bags cheaply. I am betting readers can come up with over a dozen uses for garbage bags.

Which brings us to items that do have a variety of ways they can be used, such as coffee filters. They can be used as everything from paper to toilet paper, and a lot of uses in between. (See: 35 Reasons Coffee Filters are Survival Multitaskers)

As other prepping sites have noted, that multi-purpose items save both space and money.

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Water at dollar stores is pretty cheap as well, usually you can find a gallon for a buck, where most grocery stores charge a little more than that.

Now food from dollar stores can be controversial because some will spend hours lecturing about  the salt added to the canned goods, or the quality isn’t quite as good as brand names that are more expensive, and they would be correct, but if a person is starving, at about 79 cents a can for most vegetables at a dollar store, one can see the appeal if on a strict budget.

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Proteins are very important:

While there is a wide variety of foods high in protein, one should always have protein powder stored, along with some powdered milk, whether non-fat dairy or whole milk.  Sometimes conditions make it so you need protein fast, whether it is because you are on the move or you don’t have the time to heat up other things.

Protein powder at Dollar General is about $11.00 a pound, where at Amazon one gets a better variety of choices but it costs considerably more.

Dollar stores are also pretty cheap for boxed food, from rice to pasta, although there are some amazing deals at Amazon on rice, such as 20 pounds of Jasmine rice for less than $24. Same goes for red beans where you can get 4 pounds for 10 bucks. So might want to do some comparisons before buying.

To put this in perspective, a 5 gallon bucket of white rice and a 5 gallon bucket of beans, while boring as a day to day food, can provide 50 days of needed caloric intake.

Peanut butter is another amazing investment. Can be eaten as any meal of the day, and depending on the reason you are forced to eat from your survival stockpiles, bread may not be available after the first week or two, so it can be eaten on almost any type of cracker and crackers, unopened, last quite a while.

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