Meet Urban Survival, Escape, & Evasion Instructor Terry Trahan

Meet Urban Survival, Escape, & Evasion Instructor Terry Trahan for The Organic Prepper

Daisy’s note: I’m delighted to introduce our newest contributor, Terry Trahan. He is a really cool guy who I met through Toby Cowern, who you may remember was Selco’s co-instructor in Croatia. Terry brings a lot of practical advice and no-nonsense skills to the table. He has lived an extraordinary life and his unique experiences can help us to broaden our horizons within the scope of violence, personal safety, and mindset (both the bad guy’s mindset and our own.) He’s an incredibly kind and interesting person. Please give Terry a warm OP welcome! ~ Daisy

by Terry Trahan

Hi there.

I have been knocking around and teaching in the survival/self-defense/knife etc. world for quite a while. One of the things I try to hit upon and get across in all my teaching is to scale your goals, gear, and outlook to the reality of your life.

You have to train for the life you have.

We all know we should be planning for the future, but we also know that we cannot ignore our present needs in order to build for a future that is, at best, a maybe. In a more real and tactical sense, it means to pursue training in skills that will really help us, buy gear that addresses real needs that we have and that can fit in the parameters of the life we actually live, as well as addressing future needs.

In order to do this, we need to be brutally honest with ourselves as to the profiles of the threats we face, the skills we already have, and our overall environment that we exist in.

Here’s an example.

I live in an apartment where storage of water is next to impossible except for an immediate supply. I know that water is at the top of the list for survival items, so, I have located a source of fresh water nearby, have means of filtration, and a way to transport it if the need comes. I would like to store 55-gallon barrels of water, but I think the owners of my apartment would be mad at any leakage or structural damage caused by storing ‘enough’. Same for food, ammo, or any number of things.

But more importantly, we need to have a realistic and honest outlook when it comes to our abilities, proclivities, gear, and the threats we should be preparing for. It is popular to prepare for a TEOTWAWKI scenario. But the reality we should look at is a downgrade, like in Argentina, or Britain in the 80s. If you live in a large city, or along the coasts, you might be looking at a Venezuela type situation.

So, this brings some things to mind. How well can you defend what you have against mobs of desperate, starving people? Unless you have a solid tribe and great resources, odds are against you prevailing long term in that scenario.

Ask yourself these questions.

Some other questions are:

  • Do you have the other important skills, besides firearms and pack ratting?
  • How are your medical skills and gear?
  • Bartering, blending, mechanical acumen, or other things to offer in order to make life better both now and in a more dystopian future?
  • Do you see the need for advanced trauma care, as well as oddball things such as ditch dental?

These are all important things to keep in place, now and in the future. These skills are not just important from a SHTF scenario, they were also largely responsible for my journey to arrive at the point in life I am at now.

Have you sought out information from sources that have lived it? One of the reasons I love the Organic Prepper is due to her working with these kind of people, such as Selco, Toby Cowern, and others.

The best-kept secrets of being prepared

This is one of the best-kept secrets of really being prepared:

Knowing the limits of your knowledge and skills, seeking others that can both fill those gaps, and teach you to be proficient in the areas you see a deficiency in.

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