2019: Facial Recognition And Corporate Surveillance Become Commonplace

2019: Facial Recognition And Corporate Surveillance Become Commonplace from Mass Private I

2019 will go down as the year facial recognition and corporate surveillance became commonplace.

I wrote approximately thirty-three different facial recognition stories last year and the majority of them dealt with facial recognition surveillance of the public.

From Walgreen’s, Nestle, and Coors using Iris-tracking cameras to Home Depot and Lowe’s using facial recognition cameras to secretly identify millions of customers, the number of ways corporations monitor the public is staggering.

And corporations are not shy about how they use this technology to identify everyone.

Recently, I wrote about the NEC Corporation opening a facial recognition “customer experience” center in Washington, DC and how they planned to use it to convince politicians that facial recognition of the public is a good thing.

NEC is so confident that politicians will accept facial recognition, they used Iris recognition cameras to identify everyone at a film and music conference in Texas.

NEC’s “Fahamu Mama-Mtoto (To know mother and child)” motto is really a plan to identify every mother and child in the world using facial recognition.

A few months ago, I wrote about how corporations used “Money USA20/20” to expand facial recognition worldwide. Corporations like Proxyclick have even gone so far as to suggest that the public will be impressed by corporate facial recognition.

From nightclubs to bars, businesses are secretly using facial recognition to identity patrons. From facial recognition elevatorsto facial recognition police robocops our privacy is in danger like never before.

Amazon Experience Centers and Ring doorbell surveillance networks are changing the way we view corporate/police partnerships.

In many states, police are trying to convince the public to conduct internet sales and swaps in police stations or police parking lots. In Washington, Jackson’s Convenient Stores use a cop-run facial recognition company to identify every customer.

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