Netherlands Central Bank Warns QE Ends Badly (Video)

Netherlands Central Bank Warns QE Ends Badly Video by The Money GPS

Even Deutsche Bank is straight up calling a spade a spade. They are referring to QE4 as QE4. More importantly though, they are finally showing investors about the correlation between the balance sheet and stocks. (We’ve been on that for a while but good to see the mainstream financial corporations acknowledging it). In a sense we’re living in a wacky world. Nothing is real. Even the central bank of Netherlands is putting out reports about the dangerous effects of QE. It’s a wild time to be aware of this information, that’s for sure. What do you think of these two?

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David Quintieri

The government structure is setup to enable corporations to lobby (bribe) our "representatives" and pass laws that are often criminal. As a result, we have a CATASTROPHE on our hands. Derivatives exceeded $1.5 QUADRILLION in total value which far surpassed the GDP for the entire world--25 times over! David Quintieri brings information of this magnitude to his readers and teaches them how to prepare in times of uncertainty. Utilizing his ability to deconstruct any complex system and turn it into a simple and readable format, his work becomes an important tool for a wide audience.