It’s Time To Stop The Spread Of Evil Before It Gets Worse

It’s Time To Stop The Spread Of Evil Before It Gets Worse By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Horrific Texas Church Shooting, Immediately Ended By ‘A Good Guy With A Gun’, Provides A Motto For America For 2020

– Americans Should NEVER Give Up Their Guns: Hatred + Government + Disarmed Citizens = Genocide

The words spoken by Tarrant County, Texas Sheriff Bill Waybourn this past Sunday following a “horrific day in Tarrant County” could very well be a metaphor for America as 2020 arrives: “Today evil walked boldly among us, but let me remind you, good people raised up and stopped it before it got worse”.

While Sheriff Waybourn’s remarks referred to the horrific church shooting that claimed the lives of two at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a suburb northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, what happened at a House of God on Sunday in Texas is proof of why law-abiding Americans should never give up their means to protect themselves and their families as a transient bent upon causing destruction was stopped from carrying out much more carnage than he did by a law-abiding US citizen, a 70-year old man, who helped prove Charlton Heston’s words:

“A gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. A gun in the hands of a good man is no threat to anyone except bad people”.

And shooter Keith Thomas Kinnunen found that out real quickly as he was dropped with one shot fired by former FBI agent Jack Wilsonwho said he had to ‘take out’ the shooter because ‘evil exists’, thus ending a horrific tragedy within 6 seconds when, if Democrats nationwide had their way and Americans were disarmed, shooter Kinnunen may have been able to mow down an unlimited number of innocent people before someone was able to disarm him or otherwise take him out.

As author Thomas Lifson reports in this new story over at The American Thinker titled “The mass murder that didn’t happen because Texans are smarter than New Yorkers, Californians and progressives everywhere”, Americans across the country could learn a great deal by what happened in Texas on Sunday.

In the fantasy world inhabited by progressives, passing laws to restrict gun ownership and the carrying of firearms prevents violence. The precise opposite is the truth, as demonstrated convincingly by John Lott, whose research led him to change his position on gun control once he discovered the facts. His book More Guns Less Crime is required reading for anyone who wants to be honest about preventing the death of innocent Americans.

Yet the two coastal states that regard themselves as smarter and more sophisticated than the denizens of flyover country refuse to acknowledge this truth and maintains laws the restrict or even prohibit gun ownership and the bearing of arms in public places.

Worshippers in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas heroically demonstrated the wisdom of our Founders and the superiority of Texas-style governance yesterday when an attempt was made to slaughter a large number of people at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement (can you imagine a pair of names more likely to elicit scorn from elitists?). Armed parishioners fought back and shot the gunman dead before he was able to slaughter more than two of them.

And while across the nation, Democrats continue to push to disarm law-abiding American citizens via red flag laws, gun confiscation plans and whatever other kind of reason they can create, a ‘bad man with a gun’ is proof that ‘the genie will never be able to be put back in the bottle’ with an estimated 393 million guns across America, more guns than people living here, and ‘real criminals with evil intent’ never voluntarily giving up their guns simply due to ‘laws’.

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And as we’ve reported previously on ANP, historically, gun confiscations have led to horrific genocide events around the planet. With the remarks seen above made years ago by former US Marine Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper reminding us of why law-abiding American citizens should NEVER give up their guns nor their 2nd Amendment rights, we pray that it doesn’t take the 2nd Amendment to ‘take down’ the evil now pervasive across America as Republican Congressman Clay Higgins recently warned of as we’d reported in this December 19th ANP story.

Warning during the impeachment proceedings that the same group of people trying to overthrow President Trump without any evidence have no problem murdering the unborn, the most innocent of all Americans, with an estimated 800,000+ babies aborted yearly in America according to the anti-abortion website Abort 73, roughly 2,300+ innocent lives snuffed out a day, as we’d reported back on December 19th, we’ll take Higgins advice and believe that the American Republic CAN still be ‘saved’ by preparing to defend America against the ‘pure evil within’. Representative Higgins full statement via Newswars.

I have descended into the belly of the beast. I have witnessed the terror within and I rise committed to oppose the insidious forces which threaten our Republic. America is being severely injured by this betrayal, by this unjust and weaponized impeachment brought upon us by the same socialists who threaten unborn life in the womb, who threaten First Amendment rights of conservatives, who threaten Second Amendment protections of every American patriot, and who long ago determined that they would organize and conspire to overthrow President Trump.

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