Cultural Marxism, Climate Hoax and 2019 in Review: Dave Collum, Chris Marcus & Rory Hall

Cultural Marxism, Climate Hoax and 2019 in Review: Dave Collum, Chris Marcus & Rory Hall by Rory for The Daily Coin

This is a great conversation that begins with Dave Collum discussing his in-depth 2019 Year in Review – Part 1 and Part 2 – where he takes the top two issues from the report and provides a thumbnail sketch of what he uncovered during 2019. Dave gets into the 2020 vision further into the conversation.

One of the most important aspects that Dave points out is the cultural marxism and climate hoax. The fact that he sees these two issues as the overarching themes for 2019 is a little surprising. While Dave’s reports cover both finance and economics they were not the dominating themes even though Dave’s top two are absolutely tied to finance and economics. Also, our research throughout 2019 proves his point – the Essence of Collapse series looks at the component parts of an economic collapse which shows cultural marxism in 2019 as one of the biggest segments to impact what is happening.

The conversation gets into a variety of topics including economics, finances and, of course, gold and silver. The time zipped by for me and the show ended before we got started good. I feel confident you will have the same experience as the three are very engaged, very engaging and the subject matter couldn’t be more timely.

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