5 C’s & 10 C’s Of Survival

5 C’s & 10 C’s Of Survival Dave Canterbury Recommends… from Modern Survival Blog

The following post on the 5 C’s & 10 C’s of survival is timeless. I originally posted this years ago. However I’m re-posting the list as a refresher. It may be especially to new comers who may be wondering about the basics for a survival kit.

These elements of survival basics are well worth remembering (and practicing).

Dave Canterbury, author of “BushCraft 101” and “Advanced Bush Craft”, first came up with the concept which he calls the 5 C’s (and then the 10 C’s) of survivability.

When putting together a minimalist (or any) basic survival kit, consider these underlying categories for survivability. You might fulfill the recommended requirements in a number of different ways. That’s up to you. But it’s a great guideline.


5 C’s of Survival

Before listing the 10 C’s of survival, these first 5 are the core elements of survivability. They are categories/items that would be difficult to reproduce in an outdoor situation if you didn’t already have them.

Cutting Tool

The most difficult thing to reproduce in an outdoor situation. A high quality knife, preferably in a sheath and strapped to your belt. Full tang for strength is a great idea too.

I’ve written a number of articles on the survival knife, including this one about “batoning” wood:

How to Baton Wood and Why

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Combustion Device

You need ‘something’ that will start a fire, whether the environment is wet or dry. And the ability / “know-how” to do it. (Articles on Fire Making)

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Cover & Shelter to protect you from the elements. This could be a wool blanket, a tarp, Mylar foil blanket, etc. Even your clothes and outerwear are considered among the “shelter” category once you start digging into it.

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