Who’s Afraid of Johnson’s Big Brexit Win?

Who’s Afraid of Johnson’s Big Brexit Win? Author: Tom Luongo for Gold, Goats and Guns

Boris Johnson finally cut the Gordian knot of British politics. With the massive victory in Thursday’s election Johnson ensured his Withdrawal Treaty will make it through the House of Commons and deliver some version of Brexit in the future.

The win was so big it was an embarrassment to those who obstructed Brexit for the past three years. Of particular delight was watching Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, lose her seat after betting the party’s future on revoking Article 50.

This one fact is more emblematic of the Westminster bubble politicos in the U.K. live in more than any other. Swinson seriously underestimated two things.

First there was the British people’s resolve to have their voice heard through the ballot box.

Second was the political acumen of Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party. Farage stood down his candidates in seats the Tories won in 2017 to ensure Swinson and her traitorous manifesto was knee-capped.

She went from someone angling to become Prime Minister to yesterday’s news in six weeks. Quite an accomplishment, actually.

This result also put the entire British political establishment on notice that the lies they told about how terrible Brexit will be were irrelevant.

Labour pushed itself into a corner, forcing leader Jeremy Corbyn to go full-Marxist in his manifesto. I think the Blairite wing of Labour knew this election was lost and allowed Corbyn to hang himself with his nonsense about the NHS, chlorinated chicken and Donald Trump so as to get rid of him once and for all.

It was a masterstroke of political wrangling by both the Tories and the Labour globalists who wanted to neuter all threats to their real power while Johnson secures a majority which will protect the core of their power for the next five years.

But to the people, this election was about their dignity and those left behind by two generations of politicians selling them out to Brussels. They don’t trust Johnson anymore than I do.

But they knew that there had to be a clear signal given even if the benefactor of that signal wasn’t perfect. So, while Nigel Farage may not have won any seats in this election, he continues to win the day spiritually.

Because leave means leave.

Brexit may cause hardship. It may be difficult. But so what? The patronizing and condescending campaign waged by the Remain crowd was so distasteful it hardened those that voted in the 2016 referendum to defy it again.

Everyone with half a brain could see the duplicity and cravenness of people like Chukka Amuna and Anna Soubry (and the rest of the ChangeUK crowd) changing parties like we change our underwear but who refused to stand in by-elections to confirm their seats.

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