How Would A Non Prepper Know That You’re A Prepper?

How Would A Non Prepper Know That You’re A Prepper? by  for Modern Survival Blog

An unfortunate concern is other people knowing that you’re a prepper.

Why might this be a bad thing?

– Because you may be stereotyped and looked upon differently within social circles.

– You will be catalogued (consciously or subconsciously) as a potential resource.

– Your OPSEC will be blown.

– Word may spread (inadvertently or on purpose) creating further potential concerns.

– You will face bigger security issues if it all “hits the fan”.

– “Big Brother” doesn’t like preppers.

– You will become a potential target of sorts.

It’s unfortunate too because the mainstream media does not portray prepper’s very well if given the opportunity to stereotype poorly.

Who’s a “prepper”?

Prepper’s are people who mostly have traits and characteristics similar to many of our ancestors. Prepper’s are mostly just regular people who have the common sense to be prepared for uncertainty and modern day risks.

A Prepper…

– likely has a decent food storage inventory.
– is probably not a progressive liberal.
– usually has plenty of common sensibility.
– may be adept at ‘critical thinking’.
– takes responsibility for one’s self.
– probably has a garden or two or three.
– will be working on self sufficiency to an extent.
– will have some practical skills (or working on them).
– likely owns a firearm(s).
– likely enjoys the outdoors.
– unless retired, works a job just like everyone else.

I could go on. However suffice it to say that there are lots of people who actually would be considered preppers who themselves wouldn’t label as such.

It’s essentially a responsible way of life that mitigates risks, whereas others simply depend upon external safety nets in case they need them.

There are SO MANY unprepared people today that it truly becomes risky for others to know that you may be well prepared, or a prepper.

While most all preppers do not wish for circumstances which would put us into “hunker down” mode, if it did happen, those who know – may come a knocking.

And that will present a whole new set of issues and uncomfortable decisions.

So, back to the title of this article, “How would a non-prepper know that you’re a prepper?”

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