The Walking Dead (Level 3 Preparedness)

The Walking Dead (Level 3 Preparedness) by  for Modern Survival Blog

TDC Note – If you’re not familiar with the first six seasons of The Walking Dead you may want to take a look. Extreme violence gives way to some incredible preparedness solutions, situations and what a true TEOTWAWKI. If you can get past the violence, you will learn a lot. Remember, you are currently surrounded by the same zombies in the TV show as you see in restaurants, grocery stores and, especially, on the roadways. The people we encounter now dress and smell better than what is on TV but that is the only real difference.


The Walking Dead? Am I talking about the hit TV show now in its 10th season on amc? Not exactly, though one could draw parallels to what I’m about to suggest…

First, “Prepping and Preparedness 3” is a level of being prepared for up to 1 year. It’s a hypothetical low probability but very high impact event or set of events.

Check the series overview for my logic and reasoning why I split it the way that I did.

Who Are The Walking Dead?

Zombies. Human zombies. A Level-3 societal meltdown will result in “walking dead” zombies.

While it’s difficult to realistically think about, the reality will be LOTS of desperate, then dying, and eventually dead people.

If we were to lose our critical infrastructure systems due to an event or events which collapse our modern way of life —

I don’t care where you live during this event, in my estimation you WILL (eventually) be dealing with some of this (or much of this). It’s not going to be easy, or pleasant, to say the least.

First, The Zombies

The unprepared, and even some, or many of the prepared (up to level-2) will begin to run out of critical life-sustaining supplies. Water. Food. In that order. Distribution is down. Infrastructure non-functional.

The cities descend into chaos first. Quickly followed by suburbia.

Imagine (and multiply this over and over…) — a million city people without running water. Seriously. Think about that. While there are few limited events that could actually cause that (which is not the point of this article). But “if”. Oh. My. G.

It is debatable what percentage may eventually end up dying in place versus those who flee their area and become the walking dead in search of water and food. My instinct is that a majority will not go far from where they consider “home”. When they’ve waited to the point of weakness and extreme desperation, it will be too late to effectively venture out. Though even those who do, will not readily find long lasting relief, if at all.

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