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On Life’s Purpose by jcollins for Philosophy of Metrics

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There he stood on the Earth looking at the Moon, and it never occurred to him that the Moon was once an Earth, and the Earth now, would one day be a New Moon, and all that divided one from the other were millions of years and the manifestation of two very different evolutionary cycles where spirit and matter moved, and are moving, towards synchronization and reconciliation.  Each cycle is the building of a bridge.

The moment of compassion is a beacon for all those who build bridges.  Be a builder of bridges – a builder of compassionate worlds.  Every moment is an initiation towards this end.

The most obvious truths are hidden right out in the open for all to witness and experience.  Though these truths can only be mined and revealed when the individual self-initiates themselves into the mystery of the life they are living.  As a life is an initiation, so is each a day of that life an initiation.  Initiation is but the simple search for truth within, for a truthful person is a compassionate person.

Fried Chicken and the Builders of Bridges

The fragmentation of our lives, which is the opposite of truth, takes place on multiple layers – material, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Within each of those, we fragment further and shatter the purpose and meaning of our lives.  Re-aligning, or reconciling, all four states of existence, is the incremental uncovering, or revelation, of the truth within each of us.

All things are one in truth.

When I started Philosophy of Metrics back in 2013 it served a very specific purpose for my life at that time.  It was a process of communicating truth from within by patterning truth from without.  How does this puzzle piece fit into the puzzle?  What is the puzzle?  Is the puzzle something I’m even interested in?  Are others?

As time went on and hundreds of articles were written on diverse subjects, unbeknownst to me, a pattern began to reveal itself across my layers of existence.  Though POM was a fragment or partition in my life, I still wasn’t ready to absorb its purpose directly into the wholeness of my life.  It was there, on the side, important, but still separate, sending its learnings back to the root source.

Six years later, and after an incredible slowdown in content production, it has dawned on me that I have taken the intent and purpose of POM and have applied it throughout my whole life.  Opening a can of Diet Pepsi now has as much purpose and meaning as reading a book on the Protestant Reformation.  All moments are initiations and initiations are the result of growing and learning.  Through growing and learning we become compassionate human beings, and if the truthful expression of compassion is the objective, then growing and learning to build bridges is the purpose of life.

Who can honestly reflect on the world around them and not come to the conclusion, and truth, that every moment, every interaction, is an opportunity to learn and grow, and this world, existence, is but a mechanism which promotes, and allows for, the opportunity to learn and grow while interacting?  The ignorant and profane remain so because of their unwillingness to accept this undeniable truth.

Here is an example;

Our judgment of others is an expression of something from within ourselves which remains fragmented, broken, and unhealed.  This is an undeniable truth.  Only the ignorant and profane refuse to accept it.  That is why the ignorant and profane cannot be initiated into the mystery of their own lives and will be kept from discovering the truth within. Now consider that our world is a world built on judgments and not bridges, and we can begin to see the degree of failure which humanity has experienced towards achieving the purpose of the lives we live.  Instead of each day being a day of initiation, it remains a judgment day of sorrow and lost opportunity.

Progress, not perfection.

Eating fried chicken is one of my great vices.  I mean, come on, its battered, deep-fried, and is a taste sensation when done right.  But it’s also unhealthy and should be avoided.  Does that mean we never eat fried chicken?  Of course not.  Life is a road of learning and evolution.  Excess erodes evolution and moderation contributes to learning.  Spirit doesn’t eat fried chicken but right now JC does, with no regrets.

But I’m aware.

As 2019 comes to an end, I’m still struggling with how POM should look moving forward.  It is and will remain something.  I’m slowly putting together an analysis on the occult masterpiece The Lighthouse.  That will be forthcoming over the holidays and will provide some incredible insights, and revelations, of the power of film.  But what is POM to me now?  What is it to you?  Does it just represent a bridge between all of us?  It feels like it has been a bridge, and that bridge has been the strongest when I write with truth.

Absolute truth is the rootless root – compassion is its expression in the material world.  Learning, growing, evolving, and being an expression of compassion is the undeniable purpose of life.

Be a builder of bridges in all things you do. Build compassionate worlds around you. Build a bridge from the lower mind to the higher mind. That bridge is the path, the road, the great quest.  And eat fried chicken along the way.  – JC

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