From a Member of a Ground Zero Medical Disaster Team

From a Member of a Ground Zero Medical Disaster Team from Paul Craig Roberts

Thank you. You tell the truth. I spent a few weeks at ground zero starting a few days after they fell. I was on a medical disaster team and something never felt right. Our bags were searched on the way in and out. No cameras were allowed. We were told not to listen to rumors that went around and to not remove anything from the sight because it was a crime scene. When they said they found that guys passport who headed up the hijacking, We all laughed. The pile of debris was two miles around and a hundred feet high and burning. It was hard to identify a body let alone find a piece of paper after a week. The only way we knew the fireman was because of their fire proof coats. No one was looking for pieces of paper. After weeks, the fireman were still going through three pair of boots per day because the soles melted. They were looking for their friends. Nobody on that pile was doing anything else. Immediately after l went home the anthrax scare started. The letters were mailed through my local post office in Hamilton Twp NJ. The post office employee who picked up the mail and was the first diagnosed with anthrax was never interviewed by the FBI. I know the doctor who diagnosed him and reported to the FBI. The patient and the doc kept waiting for the FBI to come and talk to them and they never did. After these odd experiences,l lost trust in the government l worked for. It didn’t pass the smell test. Just as a side note, I have developed severe lung disease and skin cancer due to my service. I thought l was doing something noble but now feel like a stooge.

Thanks for telling the truth.

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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