Here’s How to Survive an Armed Robbery

Here’s How to Survive an Armed Robbery by Tom Marlowe for The Survivalist Blog

The stick-up is a crime nearly as old as time: a robber, sometimes more than one, threatens you with harm or death if you don’t part with your valuables. It is one of the first proper violent crimes many criminals commit, and one of the most common threats in many places, rural or urban, all around the world.

The simple fact that a wallet full of cash or credit cards will get your average highwayman a little farther down the line with a full belly and some spending money, and that means you can never assume you won’t be the target of robbery.

There were an estimated 319,356 robberies nationwide in 2017.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones against the threat posed by robbery is a common thread in the self-defense world, and you’ll find no shortage of cops, gun gurus and martial artists who have purportedly cracked the code on getting out of a robbery with loot, life and limb intact. Some get closer than others; some may set you up for failure.

In reality, there is no one-size-fits-all technique or tactic that will get you out of a situation like that unscathed 100% of the time. A high-percentage chance of success means learning to stay cool, quickly read the situation, evaluate your options and acting with split-second timing. Nothing else will do. IN this article, we’ll teach you how.

Panting a Bullseye on your Back, or, How to Get Robbed

Robbery may occur as an accessory to another crime, but the majority of robbers are not out committing flagrant mayhem with a chance of a score. Most of them are doing it for sustainment, or as their profession!

Plainly put, robbers are after your money, or your things they can turn into money quickly with little risk of exposure, i.e. jewelry, electronics, etc. In order to get those items, they’ll be looking for a certain kind of person (victim): someone who has those things, and someone who won’t put up too much fight and fuss.

Robbers, like most criminal scumbags, are basically predatory. Like any good predator, they want a meal without spending a fortune in energy, risk or injury to get it.

Most lions won’t go after a healthy buffalo unless they are desperate. Most robbers won’t go after jocked up, alert and tough looking males unless they are trying to prove a point or are similarly desperate.

All of this natural bias when it comes to “prey selection” tells us an awful lot about the thought processes of robbers. Using that, we can picture ourselves as both victim and a “next” as in “next, please”; someone they would rather not mess with.

The first part of becoming “food” for a robber is to be where food is typically found. In the African savannah, this is often near waterholes. For humans in the concrete jungle, this could be an ATM, a place where drugs are frequently bought and sold or any part of town where the affluent and well-heeled shop and play.

Other areas could be out of the way places, or any place where a crime is likely to go unreported by witnesses even if it is seen.

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