Greg Weldon: “We’re Playing Gold & Silver Very Aggressively” (Podcast)

Greg Weldon: “We’re Playing Gold & Silver Very Aggressively” Podcast by Mike Gleason for Money Metals

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome back our good friend Greg Weldon, CEO and president of Weldon Financial. Greg has decades of market research and trading experience specializing in the metals and commodity markets and even authored a book back in 2016 titled Gold Trading Boot Camp where he accurately predicted the implosion of the US credit market and urged people to buy gold when it was only $550 an ounce.

He’s made a lot of great calls right here on this podcast this year and it’s great to have him back on with us. Greg, thanks for the time again and welcome. How are you?

Greg Weldon: I’m great, Mike. My pleasure, anytime. You do a great job, so I’m always happy to contribute.

Mike Gleason: Well, it’s great to get people like you on as frequently as we have. We’re very fortunate, so thank you. Well, Greg as we’re talking here on Wednesday afternoon, the stock markets sold off yesterday and we got a rally in metals, this morning is as if by magic in the equity markets are levitating and metals are being sold.

Some unnamed official reportedly said the U.S. and China are close to a trade deal. Where have we heard that before? The sort of rumor of an imminent deal on trade has been floated about 84 times over the past couple of years now and somehow the markets appear to keep buying it every time. We aren’t sure why real people would still be responding to this news. Are the algorithms completely in control of things here, Greg, what’s going on?

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