Amnesty Bill – HR-5038 – Blanket Amnesty for ALL Border Jumpers

Amnesty Bill – HR-5038 – Blanket Amnesty for ALL Border Jumpers by Rory for The Daily Coin

Sick of illegal border jumpers, sure you are, most Americans have had it with our open border and immigration policies that allow for anyone from anywhere to come and steal our wealth, our communities and our resources. Everyone except those that benefit greatly from this wealth transference want there to be massive change and protections put into place. Call your so-called Representative and tell them to stop and then tell your neighbor to do the same.

Another great show from Tucker Carlson. He begins the show by showing how the leftist are not only eating their own, but accelerating the feast. The left can’t help itself, as the only way to continually oppress others is to make the pie smaller and smaller by pointing out how awful everyone else is that isn’t you.

For whatever reason Tucker continues to bring on this young socialist, Ian Samuel. While he is very articulate and does have a grasp on how socialism works, unfortunately he continues to believe the “proper socialism” has never been tried and that it does in fact work. Socialism is merely a misspelling of communism and communism does not work, it has never worked and it never will work. The few dictate to the many while stealing everything – I mean everything. Similar to what we have now, but far worse.

He then brings on Jason Nichols, a university “professor”, another infrequent guest, to discuss how the impeachment charade is working out for the lunatics in the democratic party. Of course, Mr. Nichols is a leftist lunatic, but, for whatever reason, he actually shows signs of sanity tonight. It’s unusual for this to happen, however slight the breakthrough was, it seems there was a break through.

This leads into the meat of the show – a new bipartisan bill to give amnesty to all illegal aliens currently in the country. It is estimated to be north of 20,000,000 people – 20 MILLION people. Of course this is what the impeachment charade is hiding, as this bill will pass without any push back from you and I and we will be flooded with even more poor, low IQ people from around the world. This will drive down the quality of life, along with wages and opportunities while at the same time completely change the landscape of our nation. If you have half a brain cell please make a point of contacting and continue to contact your so-called Representatives and let them know you are watching. Don’t forget to tell someone else about this menace that is racing through the halls of Congress at this moment.

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