Concealing Your Guns: 7 Ways To Keep Them Safe And Out Of Sight

Concealing Your Guns: 7 Ways To Keep Them Safe And Out Of Sight by: Off The Grid News

The recent shooting of Gary Willis has shown that the liberal left is still hell-bent on taking away our guns. Gary’s only crimes were to get in a disagreement with a distant relative and then not be willing to turn over his guns to law enforcement officers when they came to confiscate them under a red flag order. The same could happen soon to any of us.

How Do We Resist Gun Confiscations?

This raises the question of how to resist such confiscations effectively. Taking a stand and resisting the police may be a great way to make a statement. Nonetheless, going out in a blaze of glory is really not going to change anything. You’ll be dead or in the hospital and the law will still be in place.

Another option is to go along with law enforcement, but only to a point. In other words, give them some of your guns as a law-abiding citizen but not all of them. Of course, succeeding in this requires that the government not know what guns you have.

Technically and legally, there is no nationwide gun registration. However, some states have their own registration laws. In addition to that, I’m not sure how much we can trust the federal government to follow that law. First off, all gun purchases have to be called into the NICS for a computer background check. Furthermore, the BATF checks the records of all gun sales in all gun stores across the country. So, there is still the possibility that they are creating an illegal database of gun ownership. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

No Database Is Perfect

Even so, their database can’t be perfect. Private transactions still don’t need to go through the NICS system, so there’s usually no record of them. Nor is there any record of homemade firearms. So if you have made an AR-15 from an 80% lower, there is no record of it existing.

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