Art Cashin On Yesterday’s Wild Trading And What To Expect Today

Art Cashin On Yesterday’s Wild Trading And What To Expect Today from King World News

Here is legend Art Cashin’s take on yesterday’s wild trading and what to expect today.

On this day…
December 4 (King World News) – Art Cashin:  On this day (+1) in 1791, one of history’s brightest minds and maybe the poster boy for yuppies was laid to rest. At age 3, he had begun to write music. By age 10, he was accomplished on six different instruments including the harpsichord, the violin and the organ. 

When he reached 14, he was appointed concertmaster by the Archbishop of Salzburg. He wrote symphonies, small operas and concert pieces that have lasted over two centuries. His genius was such that he was hired away by the Emperor. His fame spread through the entire civilized world. By age 35, he had written over 600 major works: 20 operas; 50 symphonies; 30 concertos; 27 string quartets; 40 violin sonatas and a legion of other major pieces. 

But having fallen out of favor with both friends and patrons – and having misplayed his finances – a young (35 year old) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was simply dumped by strangers from a wagon into a paupers grave. The only acquaintance to accompany the former toast of Europe to his final resting place that cold and rainy day was…his dog (no, I don’t recall the dog’s name). 

To celebrate drop by a place called Don Giovanni’s and play something from Marriage of Figaro on your magic flute. But remember the street kid’s maxims – don’t drink things with fruit in them…never show them how bright you really are…and always have backup employment even if you are already a high school graduate. And if you want a friend in Wall Street – buy a dog. 

The bulls feared that they might end up in a pauper’s grave as stock prices melted early in Tuesday’s session. As you may recall, stocks got whacked smartly on Monday as new tariffs on steel from Brazil and Argentina hinted a possible escalation in the trade wars. 

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