Parent Power: Florida Coalition Fights Sexualization of Children

Parent Power: Florida Coalition Fights Sexualization of Children By Liberty Sentinel Staff

TALLAHASEE — Education authorities in Florida must stop using government schools to sexualize, confuse, and indoctrinate children with radical homosexual and transgender propaganda, declared a powerful line up of speakers at the Parent Power 2020 conference by the Freedom Speaks Coalition.

Responding to the destruction of children’s innocence being pushed in public schools, a diverse coalition of thought leaders, lawmakers, pastors, activists, educators, and parents from across Florida and beyond converged on the Hotel Duval in Tallahassee in mid-November.

The event aimed to raise awareness about some of the radical content and sexualization that has invaded Florida’s education system. Organizers also highlighted the many educational choices that exist for Florida families, including homeschooling and private schools.

Another key goal, according to conference organizers, was to speak out in defense of Florida’s teachers. Across the Sunshine State and all over America, teachers are being forced to teach radical sexuality and gender confusion that violates their conscience and religious beliefs. This is unacceptable and wrong, organizers argued.

“Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would be fighting against such craziness as kids being told their genitals don’t determine whether they are a boy or girl,” explained Bev Kilmer, a former Florida lawmaker and the president of the Freedom Speaks Coalition behind the conference.

“PreK through 5th grade is the educational foundation building years for students,” continued Kilmer. “If you mess that up by confusing them about sex, which they are total incapable of comprehending, they will be lost before they get started. There are no do-overs for a child’s childhood.”

All people of good will must agree that exposing children to the pornographic material they see in schools today is wrong, she said. “If this was done outside of a school setting, these people would be arrested,” she said. “They should be arrested.”

Kilmer also spoke about her 13th great grandfather, John Rogers, who worked with William Tyndale and helped translate the Bible into English before being martyred by Bloody Mary. With that kind of heritage and ancestry, Kilmer said she knew she had to be involved in this fight.

One of the leading legislators resisting the extremism in school and beyond has been Representative Mike Hill, one of the key speakers at the conference. Representative Hill has become a leader in the fight for faith, family, and freedom in Florida, sponsoring bills on everything from criminalizing abortion to abolishing infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. At the event, he received the Thomas Paine Award.

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