Holding Your IRA Outside the System | Will Lehr (Video)

Holding Your IRA Outside the System | Will Lehr Video by Reluctant Preppers

You’ve worked hard and spent a big part of your life blood, sweat, and tears building up a retirement account. You may want to get some or all of your retirement saving out of the banks, out of Wall Street, out of stocks, out of bonds, and out of brokerage houses.

But how can you protect your hard-earned nest egg from the whims of the stock and bond market bubbles, trade wars, and risk of banking collapse?

You might be glad to learn that a decades-old tax law provides for ordinary people to protect their retirement savings outside the system, such as in gold & silver, cryptos, or real-estate, by following IRS guideline that you’re not being told about!

Will Lehr, managing partner of Perpetual Assets, returns to Reluctant Preppers to outline the proven path to protecting yourself by taking advantage of this little-known legal provision for holding & managing your own investments outside the banking or Wall Street system!

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