Delingpole: Neither Boris nor Corbyn Won the TV Debate. Nigel Farage Did

Delingpole: Neither Boris nor Corbyn Won the TV Debate. Nigel Farage Did by JAMES DELINGPOLE for Breitbart

Hands-down winner of last night’s general election TV debates was Nigel Farage: the only authentic politician, the only man willing or able to tell it like it is.

He even gave a straight answer to an elephant trap of a question about what he did personally to save the environment:

“I drive all over the country. I catch a lot of aeroplane flights every year. I am not a leading example.”

That was while being cross-examined on ITV after the main debate in which only Boris and Corbyn took part. His performance on a BBC Question Time special with Fiona Bruce, though, was even better because it was punchier.

It was just Farage, on his own, in front of a studio audience which — typical BBC — sounded as if it had been bussed in from a Labour Momentum meeting.

One questioner effectively accused Farage of being a racist; another whiny female SJW creature contrived to take fake offence at the legal structure of Farage’s Brexit Party and just wouldn’t shut up about it; there were lots of hostile questions about the National Health Service and immigration.

But Farage is used to this nonsense. Indeed, he thrives on it. Cleverer still, he has found a formula whereby he can speak critically about sacred cows like the NHS and ‘refugees’ seeking asylum in the UK without sounding like the complete bastard his audience would like him to be.

On the NHS, he managed to slip in at least three killer points:

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