The Feast – A Post Apocalyptic Thriller Short Film (Video)

The Feast – A Post Apocalyptic Thriller Short Film Video by Full Spectrum Survival

What happens to the human mind when facing a world that they cannot handle? Will they persevere and help others? Will they hoard supplies and look out for themselves? Will they lose themselves and start feasting on others just like them?

The Feast – A Post Apocalyptic Short Film tells the story of 3 individuals during a long duration emergency. A time when the end of the world is certainly upon those enduring the trauma. Some will be prepared, ready to see through the problems and make it through to the other side. Others will be naive to the dangers that exist in the world, as sheep without a shepherd, lost to the wolves, and still some will lose themselves completely, cannibalizing all that they held dear just to live another day.

Which one will you be?

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