Art Cashin – We Are Seeing A Flight To Safety Globally

Art Cashin – We Are Seeing A Flight To Safety Globally from King World News

With stocks pulling back and bonds rallying, today Art Cashin said we are seeing a flight to safety globally.

On this day…
November 20 (King World News) – 
Art Cashin:  “On this day in 1820, first mate, Owen Chase, was on deck of the three masted whaling ships, Essex, hurriedly tried to repair one of the four whaling boats that had just been damaged in the day’s whale hunt. The captain, George Pollard, Jr, and a large part of the 20 man crew were about a mile away in the three other whaleboats harpooning sperm whales. 

As Chase worked to rejoin the others, he felt the ship bump a bit on the starboard side. Since the seas were relatively calm, Chase rushed to the rail to see what caused the bump. What he saw to his amazement was an enormous sperm whale, as big as the Essex itself and floating parallel to the ship. 

The first mate’s initial reaction was that this was a gift. But, even though he was just 23 years old, his years of experience told him that the whale’s reaction to a harpoon could be violent and damage the Essex, especially since the tail was dangerously close to the ship’s rudder. 

The whale drifted away and Chase returned to work on the whaleboat. But, when the whale was a little over a quarter mile away, it turned and faced the Essex. He then raced toward the boat and struck the bow with “ten-fold fury and vengeance” as Chase would describe it. Not through yet, the whale began to swim under the vessel and then turned to ram it in the side. The Essex quickly took on water and Chase and the rest of the on-board crew grabbed whatever supplies and instruments they could carry, lowered their whaleboat and joined the captain and the other whaleboats. 

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