The Left Continues To Eat Their Own

The Left Continues To Eat Their Own by Rory for The Daily Coin

The opening segment demonstrates how deeply flawed the leftist agenda has become. The leftist are, officially, eating their own and will soon implode under their own misguided agendas. When you have several agendas that run contrary to one another the only outcome that will ever be reached is absolute implosion. This is a perfect example of how this is happening, right now, to the radical left.

The end segment, regarding Kanye West, is the most interesting segment of the show. As some of you know, Kanye West, has released an album titled “Jesus is King” and has been lighting up the airwaves with a Christian message. This past Sunday he was in Texas bringing his Sunday Service to Joel Olsteen’s megachurch. This was a spectacle for the masses.

This is another piece of the overall puzzle showing Christianity is, not only rising in the U.S., it thriving. The segment of Christianity that is dying is the older segment that does not share the living, breathing Word of God through Jesus Christ. Liberal, dogma infused churches are dying, while Gospel churches are rising.

Some people see what Kanye is doing as something in which they don’t agree, claim Mr. West is a “fake Christian”. Tucker Carlson discusses this issue with Bob Woodson. While I don’t know hardly anything about Mr. Woodson I respect his voice. He is a regular guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight and is well spoken, articulate and highly educated. He is also a believer. Mr. Woodson reminds everyone how God used Sal, who would become Paul, as one of the greatest Apostles. Paul is a hero of mine as I love his story of transformation from a high ranking Pharisee to a follower of Christ. Mr. Woodson making this comparison using Kanye West had my attention and I believe it will get yours as well.

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