Demoralization as a Political Weapon: A Case Study in Bridgeport

Demoralization as a Political Weapon: A Case Study in Bridgeport By Sean Jackson for The New American

Convicted felon Democrat who looted own taxpayers wins Bridgeport, Connecticut, mayoral race AGAIN thanks to oblivious voters and pathetic media.

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut — “A republic, if you can keep it”. That was the warning of Benjamin Franklin during the founding of this Nation. Democrats are always talking about a democracy because words matter, and that is exactly
what they want. Democracy is mob rule. Any small look into history will show you that democracy always devolves into predators killing the weak or worse. A strong republic is where humans rule themselves through local governments created to ensure the prosperity of a community no matter what federal policy is. It is where your voice is the loudest and matters most. If we did not have this republic, the people of California and New York would dictate how people in rural Alabama would live. A lot of people have forgotten this inconvenient fact. The same would be true if the president ran as much as people pretend he does.

This idea of a republic only works, however, if you are informed and don’t give up your responsibility as a citizen to participate in your local government. The case study being presented is what happens when people give up their God-given right to govern themselves and a possible solution. Basically, this is what happens when people are disconnected from their history, or when people “just don’t have the time” to be involved in their child’s education. Today, we will be looking at Bridgeport, CT, home to 150,000 of your fellow American citizens, but this could be happening everywhere, and we just do not hear about it because most journalists no longer speak for you.

A local election for mayor just took place. Bridgeport, CT is suffering from many problems. Opioid addiction has a large segment of the population on government provided, tax payer funded methadone. Unemployment has been at emergency numbers. The public school system has gotten to the point that it was nationally known in a 2016 Atlantic article for its terrifying math and literacy rates despite its “wealth”. A simple drive through the west side of Bridgeport will show you all of the decimated buildings that are relics to a once booming WWII factory town. They are not bombed, just abandoned or turned into crackhouses. It is perpetually on the top 10 list for most dangerous city to pexlive in because of the gang violence.

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