Democrats Have Unleashed A ‘Blue State Blueprint For Disaster’

Democrats Have Unleashed A ‘Blue State Blueprint For Disaster’ By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Just Imagine What The Entire Country Might Look Like In The Future Should One Of THEM Win In 2020!

– Exploding Homelessness, Poverty And 3rd World Diseases Would Be The ‘New Norm’


While cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon have been getting much of the recent attention about Democrat-run cities imploding, this recent story over at Fox News reported that the city of Austin in the middle of ‘Red Texas‘ has also seen a massive explosion of the homeless living there after Texas’s capital city became a magnet for homeless vagrants due to laws allowing people to camp out on the streets there.

Leading to tent cities sprouting up near state highways and the homeless continually urinating and defecating in the streets, as we had reported in this September 19th ANP story titled “With Democrat-Run Cities Across America Transformed Into Diseased Wastelands, Imagine If Democrats Win The Presidency In 2020 And America Is Turned Into A ‘Sanctuary Nation!'”, all of America could be over-run with 3rd world diseases and rapidly growing homelessness if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2020.

With one Texas man who was interviewed by Fox News telling them homeless people come from all around the country to live on the streets in Austin because the authorities are lax and there are many incentives, like free food and shelter, that Texan also warned that when people are giving away ‘free money‘ and ‘free food‘, those on the receiving end often take advantage of the situation, avoiding even trying to find work while living off others.

And as this August story over at Biz Pac Review reported when looking at the Democrat-run-hellholes popping up now all across America, the murder rates in some US cities are higher than the murder rates in some of the most dangerous cities in the world. Proud of all of that crime, death and destruction, democrats? From the Biz Pac Review story.:

The Baltimore Sun reported that the city is “worse than” many Central American countries, where people are fleeing to seek asylum in the U.S. Specifically, the Sun stated in 2017 that the Baltimore murder rate is continuing “to be higher than Central America’s most dangerous countries.”

Yes, more than Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. And PBS aired a 2018 one-hour special called “Rat Film,” on the rat infestation in Elijah Cummings’ city.

Also in 2018, USA Today named “Baltimore ‘the nation’s most dangerous city’… the ‘deadliest big city in the country”. In addition, it has a severe garbage and trash mess.

Its public schools rank lowest in Maryland. There were 13 schools in Baltimore that did not have even one student who could pass the standard math test!

How did all this happen? How did Baltimore fall on such hard times? The un-sugar-coated answer is that the city was ruined because it was under Democratic city-council control for the last 77 years. The last Republican mayor left office 52 years ago.

With one Democrat run city after another all across America falling into poverty, homelessness, mass drug addiction and despair, just imagine America in January of 2021 should a Democrat win in 12 months!

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While we rarely expect to get any truth from the NY Times, back in May of 2019, they actually published this opinion story titled “America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals within which they reported ‘progressives‘ have abandoned their own so-called ‘progressive values‘, doing it in their own backyards, that NY Times story also reported that while the economy in parts of California was booming, billionaire-brimming California still ranked as one of the most poverty-stricken states in America with a shocking number of 1/5 of the state’s population struggling to get by.

Also reporting that since 2010, migration OUT OF California had surged, that NY Times story reported the most important and biggest problem in California, (fully created by the liberal politics and liberal politicians!), was the steady collapse of ‘livability‘. From that story.

Across my home state, traffic and transportation is a developing-world nightmare. Child care and education seem impossible for all but the wealthiest. The problems of affordable housing and homelessness have surpassed all superlatives — what was a crisis is now an emergency that feels like a dystopian showcase of American inequality.

Just look at San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s city. One of every 11,600 residents is a billionaire, and the annual household income necessary to buy a median-priced home now tops $320,000. Yet the streets there are a plague of garbage and needles and feces, and every morning brings fresh horror stories from a “Black Mirror” hellscape: Homeless veterans are surviving on an economy of trash from billionaires’ mansions. Wealthy homeowners are crowdfunding a legal effort arguing that a proposed homeless shelter is an environmental hazard. A public-school teacher suffering from cancer is forced to pay for her own substitute.

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