Herbicide Use Is Changing Your Food Completely

Herbicide Use Is Changing Your Food Completely by: Off The Grid News

Herbicide use is changing both the food on your plate and the agriculture industry beyond recognition. Notably, Nautilus writer Miranda Hart calls one herbicide use “the biggest farming practice you’ve never heard of.”

Farmers are no longer drying crops out naturally at the end of the season, Hart reveals. Instead, farmers are killing all the plants in the fields with herbicide in a process called desiccation.

Farmers are desiccating through herbicide use because it makes the fields easier to clear for planting. However, desiccation is altering crops because it kills every plant in the fields.

The Biggest Farming Practice You’ve Never Heard Of

“Desiccation may be the most widespread farming practice you’ve never heard of,” Hart writes.

In addition, “chances are that most of what you ate today was harvested using a desiccant (herbicide), but you’d never know,” Hart observes.

Therefore, herbicide use is completely changing both crops and farming. In fact, farmers are planting more genetically engineered seeds because of desiccation.

Herbicide Use Is Increasing The Amount Of GMOs In Our Food

Significantly, seed companies introduced five new varieties of “shatter-resistant” canola seeds in Canada in 2017, Hart declares. To clarify, canola or rapeseed is the plant from which they make Canola oil. In particular, rapeseed is one of Canada’s biggest crops.

Overall, the amount of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food is increasing steadily because of herbicide use and desiccation. As a result, any food made with or cooked in canola oil probably contains these GMOs.

For example, one reason that farmers desiccate through herbicide use is to eliminate all the non-GMO plants from their fields. This procedure enables farmers to make more money by planting only higher-yield GMO crops.

The Level Of Herbicide Use By Farmers Is Incredible

The volume of herbicide use by farmers is growing each day. By and large, the figures for herbicide use are frightening.

To illustrate, companies are selling 400 licensed herbicides in one Canadian province, Ontario. Given these circumstances, Hart believes farmers are saturating their crops in herbicides.

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