Starving The Masses Into Submission, Globalists Know That Food Really Is A Weapon

Starving The Masses Into Submission, Globalists Know That Food Really Is A Weapon By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Do Massive Nationwide & Global Food Recalls Portend A Coming Global War? Americans Are Being Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Back on December 18th of 2018, Susan Duclos published this story on ANP titled “Something Incredibly Strange Is Going On With All These Food Recalls And Forecast Shortages, Leaving Us Asking: What Is Really Happening? Let’s Explore The Possibilities” within which she reported on 12 million pounds of ground beef products from multiple brands being recalled, 30,000 pounds of Jimmy Dean products recalled as well as 64,000 cases of canned corn.

Throughout 2019, we’ve published a number of stories on ANP within which we’ve reported upon numerous similar such recalls of extremely large quantities of food as well as food shortages of certain products in grocery stores around America, with ANP readers sending us in photographs they’d taken in stores in their own neighborhoods showing empty shelves with signs put up by the grocers warning of food shortages.

And as Michael Snyder has been reporting over at End of the American Dream and The Economic Collapse Blog, between an early winter blizzard hitting America’s breadbasket that left North Dakota state lawmaker Jon Nelson saying we should expect “massive crop losses – as devastating as we’ve ever seen” and “global authorities bracing for a worldwide protein shortage with one quarter of the Earth’s pigs wiped out“, Americans are being led like sheep to the slaughter and starved into submission.

And now we learn in this brand new piece written by Daisy Luther over at the Organic Prepper that another massive food recall has taken place with more than 100 vegetable products recently recalled across the US and Canada, many organic, as seen in the massive list linked here. And now, just like clockwork, we read in this new story from WKRN that Arkansas farmers are recalling more than 2 million pounds of chicken products over concerns of metal contamination.

And while it could be true that a massive amount of food products have somehow been tainted, especially with ISIS (brought to us by the CIA?) putting out a call a couple of years ago to poison Western food supplies, might something more be at play that most of us are missing? In a very interesting email that ANP was forwarded, we see that we aren’t the only ones thinking that way with all of these recalls seemingly timed with horrific harvests, millions of dead cattle, and extreme, manufactured, weather events. The email we have to ponder.

What if the slaughter of millions of pigs in china because of so called swine fever is all bogus! Something feels wrong to me. I think China is REALLY stocking up massive amounts of protein for war, using the “swine fever ploy” to cover up for the enormous slaughter of pigs. This is what nations do right before a big war. Is your mind going in this direction also?

If that’s the case in China, and we cannot confirm that it is, might it be the case here in the US, too? Even more bluntly, might all of this be the 1%’s attempts at ‘people control and population control‘?  Henry Kissinger back in 1974 unveiled his plan for ‘food control genocide‘ as was reported in this story over at the Schiller Institute that we’ll take a longer look at in the next section of this story below before getting into ‘prepping‘ in the final section.

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On Wednesday, we published part 1 of this story on ANP within which we reported upon a viral story about a letter signed by over 11,000 radical leftist scientists who feel the only way the planet Earth will survive with human beings living on it without ‘massive, untold suffering‘ is for ‘massive depopulation‘ to take place.

Warning that ‘population control‘ must take place, with those scientists urging Westerners to have far fewer children in the years ahead to help reach their impossible goal, as we asked within our story, why should Americans and those from other Western nations ‘curb‘ their populations when the populations of nations such as China, India, Pakistan and many African nations are being forecast to go through the roof? Let’s take a look at an excerpt from this Schiller Institute story about Henry Kissinger’s suggestion of using food as a weapon.

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