I Am A Nationalist

I Am A Nationalist by Rory for The Daily Coin

Are you a nationalist? I am. I love my country, I love the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. A democracy, by definition is summed up this way – two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for supper – got it?

We don’t have a country without nationalism. Listen to this idea – United we stand – divided we fall. Unity = united versus diversity = divided. How can we, as a nation operating within our borders – yes borders, our borders that define this nations land mass – are UNITED within the IDEA of the Constitution. The United States of America is an actual place, with actual people – natural citizens – and we are united by an idea. That idea is the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights.

What is a global citizen? George Soros and Global Citizen concept is attempting to take root, primarily in the U.S.. If this idea of a “global citizen” is real what laws apply to individuals? Where can these “global citizens” travel, marry, pay taxes, have a home, be buried, get healthcare and equally as important, be punished for crimes committed? Which comes back to the original question, what laws apply to these so-called “global citizens”? I know I would rather have the laws of the United States applied to me, if I were dealing illegal drugs, than say the laws of China.

What about homosexuals and other fringe lifestyles that DO NOT fit with some nations laws? How would that work? If this idea of “global citizen” is to be taken seriously can someone explain to me, in detail, how laws work, who’s in charge, who makes decisions about property, is there an education system, who’s responsible for clean water systems for the masses? These are serious questions that arise off the top of my head. Imagine the issues that would arise if I actually put some serious thought into this experiment!!

So, yes, I am a nationalist. I love my country and thank God everyday that I draw breathe for being born in this nation. With all the problems we are having it is still top shelf. It is still a nation that a vast majority of people on planet earth are attempting to come. If this were, say, Bangladesh, well, how many people around the world have a desire to make that their final destination? What about Haiti? What about Venezuela? I don’t hear of a lot people with an overwhelming desire to flee to any of these countries. Build the wall, institute a realistic immigration program and begin rounding up and deporting as many border jumpers as possible. Call up Bangladesh, Haiti and Venezuela and let them know we are going to be sending them hundreds and thousands of people each year until we have removed as many illegal border jumpers as possible. I’ll bet this whole idea of “global citizen” will not sit well with any of the countries the U.S. calls to notify we are sending them hundreds of new illegals each month. United we stand – divided we fall / unity = United while diversity = divided.

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