This Is The Awakening…

This Is The Awakening… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

An ongoing theme for 2019, at least on these two associated websites, has been the “essence of collapse“. There have been several articles produced around the idea of economic and financial collapse only being the symptoms of a much larger, far deeper societal problems. If we simply open our eyes and unclog our ears we will see and hear what is actually happening around us.
Youth suicide exploding by 56% over the past ten years, people graduating from high school unable to read, write and do basic math, loneliness gripping our society in ways no one ever thought possible, suicide by military personal to the tune of 22 per day. This is to nothing of the global war on Christianity and conservative values. Without a solid foundation of love, faith and hope all the other items, naturally, begin filling the void.

This list of horrors should get the attention of very family in this country. Unfortunately, the family, too, has suffered a devastating blow beginning in the 1960’s. The nuclear family has been ripped to shreds and now something of an anomaly in the western world. Women, in particular, have been convinced that men are no longer necessary and their career is more important than having children. This is a lie. A significant percentage of women in their late 30′ and 40’s are discovering that having children might be a good idea and having a man, not a “partner”, in their life may be more fulfilling than the lie they bought in their 20’s.

There is some really awesome news on the horizon. There seems to be shift happening at every age level throughout America. You wouldn’t know this by listening to most of the corporate and some prominent alternative media sources. If you listen to the “polls” and “statistics”, well, they both paint a fairly hopeless picture – nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus Christ is alive and well. The Christian church, as we have documented, is growing and growing – it is not falling. The church I attend is growing. Christian music is growing in popularity. There is a shift happening at the church and Dr. Michael Brown does an excellent job of explaining why the polls and statistics have it wrong and are, not only asking the wrong question the pollsters are looking at the wrong data.

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