Twenty unasked questions at the Democrats’ debate

Twenty unasked questions at the Democrats’ debate by Jonathan Cohen for American Thinker

Tuesday’s Democrat presidential debate was a farce!  The one thing it clearly demonstrated was that Tom Perez and his DNC buddies were on to something when they froze Fox News out of their debates.  Here are some questions not asked.

1. Joe Biden bragged that he forced the Ukraine government to fire the prosecutor investigating the company that put his son on its board by threatening not to give Ukraine a billion dollars in loan guarantees.  Why didn’t Anderson Cooper ask Biden about his own statement?

2. If the Democrats are so worried about Ukraine getting its military equipment, why did they not complain when the Obama administration responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine by embargoing arms to Ukraine to help it defend itself?

3. Do the Democrats support the establishment of a Kurdish nation carved out of parts of Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran?

4. Do the Democrats think we should go to war with Turkey to halt its invasion of Syria?

5. Do the Democrats want to completely ban the use of all opioids, including their use for control of severe pain?

6. Do the Democrats care that a large part of the cost of prescription drugs follows from the tremendous research and development cost that they bear in developing the drugs in the first place?  Are they aware that one reason drugs are cheaper in other countries is that they don’t have to pay the drug development costs?

7. Do the Democrats support the legalization of abortion through the entire third trimester?

8. Do the Democrats believe that a woman has the right to terminate the life of a fetus who manages to survive an abortion?

9. Was Elizabeth Warrant discriminated against when she ended her job as a teacher after she became pregnant?  She has made contradictory statements about this event.  Does this represent a second example of her dissembling about her personal history?

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