SOLAR FORCING: A HUGE PARADIGM SHIFT by Dr Joseph P Farrell for Giza Death Star

I’ve been saying it for years now, and finally, it may be happening: the real driver of weather on Earth is the Sun, and all weather systems are at a fundamental level electromagnetic in nature. And there’s been a sea-change in climate science because of this and  – guess what? – it’s not due to human activity or cattle flatulence nor even the flatulence coming out of the weather-apocalypse mongers on the lamestream corporate media or their darlings in the U.S. House of Misrepresentatives. G.L.R. noticed this paper and passed it along, and I want to draw your attention to it:

Solar forcing for CMIP6 (v3.2)

Pay attention to that last paragraph:

CMIP6 models with a well-resolved shortwave radiation scheme are encouraged to prescribe SSI changes and include solar-induced stratospheric ozone variations, in order to better represent solar climate variability compared to models that only prescribe TSI and/or exclude the solar-ozone response. We show that monthly-mean solar-induced ozone variations are implicitly included in the SPARC/CCMI CMIP6 Ozone Database for historical simulations, which is derived from transient chemistry–climate model simulations and has been developed for climate models that do not calculate ozone interactively. CMIP6 models without chemistry that perform a preindustrial control simulation with time-varying solar forcing will need to use a modified version of the SPARC/CCMI Ozone Database that includes solar variability. CMIP6 models with interactive chemistry are also encouraged to use the particle forcing datasets, which will allow the potential long-term effects of particles to be addressed for the first time. The consideration of particle forcing has been shown to significantly improve the representation of reactive nitrogen and ozone variability in the polar middle atmosphere, eventually resulting in further improvements in the representation of solar climate variability in global models. (Emphasis added)

Or to put that “country simple”: if your climate change model does not include the effect of solar radiation and activity on the Earth’s climate and some other stuff like galactic bursts and cosmic rays – which most of the merely chemical models of “coming ice age/global warming” models of the past few decades did not – then your model isn’t of much use, because the biggest driver of weather is the Sun and its radiation.

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Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

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