On Syria, Turkey and Trump’s Peace Prize

On Syria, Turkey and Trump’s Peace Prize by LEO from The Gadfly

TDC Note – Below is a comment, found on The Gadfly Multi-Channel Network, concerning the recent developments in Syria with President Trump pulling troops out of the Northern region. It is well thought out and I wanted to share with you as it sums up the entire mess in about 3-4 minutes. I have not changed any aspect of what is written, I did, however, remove a couple of words that were unnecessary.

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I’m taking the Sibel Edmonds angle on this.  It was about a year or so ago I was hearing about various Mid-East and European countries planning and investing on a major post-war re-building effort in Syria; timed up nicely with the expected “New Constitution” (via it’s new constitutional committee.)  The draft of the new constitution is available for all to see on-line. The new constitution is anticipated in many hopeful and optimistic articles and by the U.N.  It is well known that American and European countries have accepted B. Assad’s presidency until 2021<–which is the next election.  It appears this “incursion” may be part of a deal that has been struck with U.S., Russia, Syria and Turkey being allowed to make a very limited (face-saving) move to set up the buffer zone down to that strategic East-West main highway (and no further!) It could be that the region is in preparation of actually being stabilized with Turkey only going so far as allowed.  The tangled mess of the various tribal groups sure is a mess with recent reports of Syrian Kurds against Turkish Kurds (depending on what backing nation has them as their proxy.) It looks like someone decided that the Kurds have got to go (for the region to be stabilized as part of this deal.)  It looks like many monkey wrenches are being thrown in as the media touts their new-found solidarity to the Kurds.  The expected neo-cons, and the “resistance” news outlets and even Hillary are pointing to the the pull-out as a bad move.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it the Obama-Hillary and CIA that supported the Kurds in N. Syria? Of course these people who supported that (and the paid for news outlets/parrots) will squawk. Also, many European and Arab diplomats and councils and NATO members are meeting in faux outrage and condemnation with finger-wagging warnings that Turkey better not destabilize the region…don’t be a bad boy Turkey (finger wag…wag,) but I noticed their emergency meetings on the issue are “closed door” meetings only.  I believe these warnings to Turkey are all posturing and even the latest Trump Executive Order to sanction Turkey is held on stand-by to use only when and IF needed (which I don’t think the E.O will be used to sanction) since the hard-fought but limited fight to make the buffer zone appears to be coordinated as part of this rebuilding effort deal with the silent nod from Russia and Syria (I have not heard much protest from the Syrian government.)  This of course also makes Trump look good (as he solidifies the relationship with Turkey, a key NATO ally and I expect Trump to take credit for peace in the region.)

Trump may garner a peace prize for this<–I’m serious. However, as the well touted caveat goes: we’ll see it when it happens.  Lets watch the news in a few months and see if they remember who the Kurds even are when this all dies down and the region is stabilized.  Yes, the re-settlement issue is there…and even the Turkish genocide word is being touted about with refugees being settled by Turkey back to the dry waterless desert area of Northern Syria…and now recently even the drummed up possibility of ISIS troops re-forming may be stoked up again…. (no wonder Russia’s Putin “is concerned” about this, since ISIS is a whipped up tool of the deep-state,) and surely the ethno-tribal groups in those areas are complicated and won’t to always fight, but overall I think those efforts will not de-rail the “deal” to try and re-build Syria.  With that said and done, any peace may not be long-lasting since the whole Middle-East is a boiling cauldron.  To get a bit more background you can follow Sibel Edmonds (who is residing in Turkey now.)

She said the news is bad there too!  https://twitter.com/sibeledmonds  <–check out link

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