James Turk: Precious Metals Rigging Equals RICO Charges – They Are Called Banksters For A Reason

James Turk: Precious Metals Rigging Equals RICO Charges – They Are Called Banksters For A Reason by Rory for The Daily Coin

RICO laws were designed, specifically, to go after organized crime syndicates. It was first used against the mobsters in the 1920’s and 1930’s during prohibition when all the bootleggers were running around killing people in the streets. Oh, and more importantly, they weren’t paying taxes on all the booze they were selling and you know how the government hates to be cheated on their theft, I mean taxes.

First of all that’s why they call them “banksters”. Which is a term that’s used quiet frequently these days, and rightly so, because this is the first time that JP Morgan has had a criminal offense, there have been other criminal offenses, recently, under Jamie Dimons leadership, but the bank is allowed to continue to operate, which should tell you a lot about why the government allows them to operate. It’s basically serving the governments interest, because the banking system, today, no longer serves you and me it serves the government, in the country, where it operates. James Turk ~The Daily Coin

James Turk, founder and Lead Director, Gold Money and Lend and Borrow Trust sat down with me to discuss the current state of the precious metals markets in light of all the shenanigans at the Federal Reserve, the ongoing trade wars, the powder keg called the Middle East and all the economic failings the world over.

As the rot within the global financial institutions continue to surface gold and silver will become more important every single day. Our economy, the world over, has been living on borrowed time since 2008. We are now 11 years into an experiment that has never been tried before. We are also seeing nations, globally, acquire gold like never before. I believe, as does a great many other people, these nations are gathering gold as a way of protecting their individual sovereignty. It is only a matter of time before the experiment fails and the wheels come off. If history is any indicator of future scenarios our current situation will probably end in a major, catastrophic war. Prepare now, pray a lot and stack physical gold and silver that you keep close at hand.

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