Deep State Coup Part 2: Second String Takes The Field

Deep State Coup Part 2: Second String Takes The Field In Plot To Overturn The 2016 Election – The Hunt to Unmask The ‘Whistleblower’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Now that the ‘Deep State’ members from the first coup attempt, the Russian collusion hoax,” are under investigation for their possibly illegal actions in regards to lying to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), as well as the actions of top level former intelligence community members from the Obama era in initiating an investigation into President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, we are now seeing an attempt at a “Deep State Coup Part 2.”

These lower level career bureaucrats are the second string of players in the ongoing attempt to overturn the 2016 election, using leakers dubbed as “whistleblowers,” who we now know had a working relationship with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Reference: Second String – A squad of players that are available either individually or as a team to relieve or replace the players who started the game.



With the DOJ Inspector General’s investigation into possible FISA abuses concluded and the final draft of the report being written for release to the public, which will show whether or not high level intelligence community members who signed the FISA applications and renewals, to obtain warrants from the FISA court to surveil a member of the Trump campaign, Carter Page, committed fraud against the court by hiding the fact that the “Steele Dossier” was unverified, and was funded in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.

According to a timeline published by Washington Examiner, we have all the names of those officials that signed off on the FISA applications.

• The October 2016 FISA application and January 2017 FISA renewal were both approved by then-FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

• The April 2017 FISA renewal was approved by Comey and by Dana Boente. Boente is the only signatory still remaining in active government service, working as the Trump administration’s top lawyer at the FBI starting in January 2018.

• The June 2017 FISA renewal was approved by McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The second investigation is a review into the origins of the entire Russia investigation, by U.S. Attorney John Durham who was tapped to lead a team of investigators by Attorney General William Barr. That investigation, from what is known publicly at this time, includes the part foreign intelligence agencies helped the Obama administration, as well as actions taken by U.S. Intelligence agencies led by  former FBI director James Comey, along with former Deputy director Andrew McCabe, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Other names associated with the entire first coup attempt, which directly led to the nearly two year special counsel investigation, which cost tens of millions of dollars, and did not establish that any member of the Trump campaign, nor any American, conspired or coordinated with Russia, include but are not limited to: Former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI counsel Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohrand his wife Nellie Ohr.

The latest news on the ongoing Durham investigation is that Durham has “expanded” his investigation, adding more agents and resources.

Via Fox News:

Fox News previously reported that Durham would be reviewing the days leading up to the 2016 election and through the inauguration.

However, based on what he has been finding, Durham has expanded his investigation adding agents and resources, the senior administration officials said. The timeline has grown from the beginning of the probe through the election and now has included a post-election timeline through the spring of 2017, up to when Robert Mueller was named special counsel.

Attorney General Bill Barr and Durham traveled to Italy recently to talk to law enforcement officials there about the probe and have also had conversations with officials in the U.K. and Australia about the investigation, according to multiple sources familiar with the meetings.

All the names emphasized in bold print above, we will call the “First String.” Now that the entire Russia collusion hoax has imploded and all the “first string” players are having their actions reviewed by the DOJ IG, AG Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham, the second string are taking the field, in yet another attempt to overthrow a duly elected President.



Having watched the first string players crash and burn when their Russian collusion hoax failed to unseat President Trump, and seeing that those same players are finding their own actions under investigation, the second string players are taking the field, but are doing so in secret, unnamed and anonymous, which has many digging deep to uncover who they are.

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