Because of High Levels of Theft, Kroger in 92% Black Community Near Atlanta Under Fire for Enclosing Aisles Within the Store

Because of High Levels of Theft, Kroger in 92% Black Community Near Atlanta Under Fire for Enclosing Aisles Within the Store by  for UNZ Review

TDC Note – This same author found that Two Kroger stores in Memphis, Tn were closing due to theft – Kroger’s response to the situation in Atlanta? – enclose the items being stolen.


Why do food deserts exists? The answer is so obvious, but one few dare give in the current year.

Here’s a hint…

Zip code 30349 is found in College Park, Georgia. Located just outside Atlanta, black residents make up 92 percent of the population in this zip code.

What does social capital look like in a 92 percent black community? This… [Enclosed aisles of goods at Kroger angers Metro Atlanta customers,, September 25, 2019]:

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. (CBS46) — Stereotyped, intimidated, racism, and uncomfortable, all words used by shoppers to describe their shopping experience at a Kroger in South Fulton.

“I think it’s kind of racist you definitely see that here on Old National,” said a mother of three who had just finished shopping.

College Park Kroger shoppers are upset over a new security installation leaving them to feel stereotyped.

“You won’t see that in Fayetteville or maybe Cobb County anywhere, doubt it,” said the mother.

The security installation only has one entrance.

Many took to social media to voice their anger at what they say feels like shopping in a prison just to buy toiletries or laundry detergent.

We asked the City of South Fulton for crime rates at the store but did not get an answer in time for this report. However, shoppers were more than happy to tell us about the amount of theft at the store.

CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy asked customers if they’d heard of theft being an issue at the store. “Yes I have, I have, yeah, quite a bit,” said a longtime Kroger shopper.

Other shoppers tell CBS46 that many people take things from shelves and use them in the bathroom without paying, but feel a less intimidating approach should be taken.

CBS46 spoke to the company who sent a statement reading:

“Thank you for reaching out to us. These changes are being implemented to help improve operational efficiencies, provide better inventory management and increase profitability. We take pride in keeping our shelves fully stocked with the items our customers want and need and we believe these changes, which are part of a pilot project, will help us do so.”

An officer with the city of South Fulton, on duty at the store, said the Kroger doesn’t have anymore thefts than other stores in the area.

Besides the inconvenience, shoppers say if they care about their customers a different solution should be found.

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