Democrat Candidates Should lead by Example or Silent in Hypocrisy with their Guilt-Ridden Wealth (Video)

Democrat Candidates Should lead by Example or Silent in Hypocrisy with their Guilt-Ridden Wealth Video by Conservative Resurgence

Too many college-educated white liberals don’t know how to lose and don’t accept the rules when it doesn’t suit them. They think that all institutions should be like the administration of Evergreen State College — corrupt, partisan, and on their side. These liberals are used to playing Calvinball (making the rules up as they go along) and find it terribly unfair when the rules are applied as written instead of how they would like them to be in that moment.

Pew finds that white liberals are about 35 percent of politically active Democrats and Democratic-leaners. They are also the most affluent, educated, and ideologically extreme segment of the Democratic coalition. They are also by far the most likely to make political donations and have attended anti-Trump protests. They might like to think of the Democratic party as a rainbow coalition of all the people, but the greatest share of money and rage is coming from the affluent, white, and liberal.

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In most of America, people of all ideologies jostle alongside each other. For all the clickbait stories about how to tell off your conservative uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, many Americans know and love people with whom they disagree, and they either avoid talking politics or do so in a lighthearted manner.

But there are exceptions. There are institutions in which white liberals are hegemonic and are able to use their power to silence and harass dissidents. In these institutions, norms and rules can be flexible in order either to favor those who are associated with the Left or to injure those who are seen as enemies of the Left. These liberal-dominated institutions — tertiary education, journalism, entertainment — shape the characters and expectations of the people who go through them. These white liberals are not used to dealing with their opponents as equals who are subject to the same rules, and they can’t accept any defeat or setback as legitimate.

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