Proof The SpyGate Investigation Has Media & Liberals Freaking Out

Proof The SpyGate Investigation Has Media & Liberals Freaking Out By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

AG Barr And U.S. Attorney Durham Investigate The Origins Of The Deep State Coup Attempt

Nothing says one is all over the target than when the liberal establishment media, on behalf of Democrats and the deep state holdovers in the intelligence community, start attacking. The harder they attack, the more one knows they are indeed, on the right track.

After Robert Mueller finished his special counsel investigation into possible Russia collusion, and determined their was no conspiring, nor cooperation on the part of any Trump campaign member, or any American, with Russia, Attorney General Bill Barr informed Congress that the DOJ would turn their eyes to investigating the origins of the Russia probe, by investigating the actions of U.S. intelligence community members which led to the original Russia probe.

Democrats in Congress squawked a bit, the media claimed Barr was investigating a “conspiracy theory,” and conservatives impatiently waited to see where the investigation would lead, becoming frustrated when no news was “leaked” from the office of  U.S. Attorney  John Durham, who was assigned by AG Barr to head up the investigation.

The deep state holdovers however, members of the intelligence community that kept their heads down and their mouths shut while Mueller was investigating, are aware, or informed by others, who was being questioned and where the Barr/Durham investigation was leading.

Hence the Democrat freakout when President Trump spoke to the Ukrainian President and asked him to cooperate with the investigation into the origins, including the part that the company Crowdstrike played, since the U.S. Intel agencies under Obama used their third party investigative findings exclusively to determine Russia hacked the DNC servers.



While no leaks have come from John Durham’s office or team, it appears that AG Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham are all over the correct target because those deep state holdovers still in the intel community went straight to both the Washington Post and the New York Times, where these types of snakes usually go to try to shape the narrative before damaging information gets revealed, and to attack the “investigation” itself.

Not only has Ukraine been asked to share intel, but Australia has also and agreed to offer their assistance to get to the bottom of this particular pit of vipers, as the NYT reports using anonymous sources. We also see the Italians have also been asked to assist in determining what foreign intelligence agencies were used by the Obama administration to begin the spying campaign on the Trump campaign, as per the Washington Post.

Australia: The reason Australia’s cooperation is important in the bigger picture is explained by Charles Cooke at National Review:

There’s no suggestion of a quid pro quo here. And there is nothing odd about Trump’s asking these questions of Australia given that Australia contributed information into the Five Eyes system that, eventually, informed the Mueller investigation and had serious effects on American politics.

Five Eyes is “A group of nations has joined with the United States to form what is known as the Five Eyes, also known simply as FVEY. This is an intelligence cooperative in the areas of military intelligence, human intelligence, and signals intelligence.” (Source)

Remember it was an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, that was first sent to make contact with former Trump Campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, which the New York Times claimed was “How the Russia Inquiry Began,” in December 2017.

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